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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 9am  FOX  July 2, 2018 9:00am-9:58am PDT

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neymar, one goal, one assist, fouled six times, seven shots, four on target. they get the win. they are off to their seventh straight quarter final. heart break for chicharito at this juncture of the world cup. an infamous site for soccer. moving on to the final 8. we have five of our eight quarter finalists confirmed.
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brazil, you are the second side to move on. next up, a friday meeting with our winner of the next game, belgiund japan. the curse of the fifth game continues. now bounced in the round of 16 at the last seven world cups. coming up next, the belgium side, hoping to punch their ticket to the quarters. their opposition, japan. that one on fox. the final match the city will host in this tournament. we'll start getting you ready for this one after the break on fs 1. here we'll have an hour break, then get ready for belgium and japan on a
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today, we are live at the stadium as a knockoff round continues and your favorite team struggle to stay alive. >> a local comedian joins us his headlining gig in san francisco. plus we are introduced to the warriors a draft pick and why this is such a good pick for the team. -- to the warriors' traffic and why he is such a good pick for
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the team. the fifth game has reared its ugly head for mexico fans this morning and their match with brazil. we just watched this on ktvu fox 2. dejected fans agreed, mexico's flag is waving in the breeze, this is not the outcome they had hoped for. this is the fifth game that got them again. it is good to have you here, frank. can you believe in curses or jinxes when it comes to sports? >> i do not know because in baseball, remember that red sox and the cubs -- mexico will eventually break it, i think. >> the red sox are the better team. >> they knocked out the defending champions, germany out of the gate and there is so much support for them in california and the states. >> but maybe brazil is a little
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bit better. >> let's look back at what we just saw here a minute ago. we watched brazil knockout mexico in round 16 and 2-0. they dominated in the second half. they gave brazil the lead. brazil will play the winner of belgium and japan. you can watch that match at 11 am here on ktvu fox 2. >> ktvu's reporter is there. bummed out fans are heading home. >> reporter: i have to tell you, the mood is deflated. the score became evident, the game is over now. mexico is going down to -0 versus rebel -- 2-0 versus brazil. many are in tears. they had high hopes but they were coming into this game as the under good -- underdogs and they knew that. we talked with some of the
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stadium staff and there were 7000 or so people who came to watch the game. mexico fans were vastly outnumbering the result fans this morning. they have been hopeful but as the game drew to a close, they said it did not look very good. >> we wanted them to win but it did not look too good. >> i think it will be 1-0, brazil. i don't think anyone else will score. >> reporter: that gentleman there, that brazil fan was off one more goal. they scored that last goal. there are predictions now, belg think that brazil will get slapped down, so we will see if
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that happens, but certainly a lot of excitement and folks saying it was a blast to watch mexico make it this far. they're taking back to brazils victory over germany, saying that was history making. they are saying they can rebuild in four more years. they can get ready for the next world cup, building on the success they had in this round of the world cup. meanwhile, brazil is an -- is advancing. >> they have to wait another four years to play. it is not like next year. it is four years. >> a lot of heartbroken fans, i got to tell you. a lot of sad fans. there you go. we have a lot of sad fans. but what you think? mexico did pretty good, right? >> so-so. we are good. >> reporter: they are nolting -- acknowledging the fact they might've gotten outplayed, but they are still faithful.
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>> the world cup play continues at 11 am. you can watch belgium taking on japan right here on ktvu. developing, new numbers released by cal fire that show the county fire burning in napa county grew dramatically overnight. it has burned more than 44,000 acres. this fire is still just a 2% contained. we are joined live mac near the fire -- we are joined live mac with -- we are joined with reporter with the latest. >> reporter: every once in a while, we can actually see the flames coming downs. i don't know if you can tell because it is very smoky but there are patches where it seems to be heavier. we see the bright orange come up. we do seem -- see flames. this is highway 16 at 505,
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towards where the head of the fire is going, very close to lake berryessa. cal fire is very optimistic and they say we still have wind out here, but it is less compared to yesterday. since the access is limited, the fire trucks cannot drive right up to the fire's edge. they saw a huge flames and a heavy layer of smoke yesterday. the fire was aided by the red flag warning conditions of strong north winds and triple digit temperatures. helicopters were filling up by reservoirs and dropping water on the hills. fire crews manage some containment after 24 hours. >> the perimeter of the fire is not actively burning. you may not see flames or the big wall of fire in that area, but until our crews have secured that area, clearing down to bare minimum soil and securing hot areas or hotspots,
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we do not count that towards our containment. >> if you can come back out here, we are seeing a fire on this ridge. it is off in the distance but i don't know if you can tell from where we are, that orange, that is the fire coming down this hill. this is nicknamed the county fire. the flames of started off of highway 16 on saturday. on sunday, and moved into napa county and it is getting closer to this area. can you see the bright orange? it looks like it is getting much bigger right there. it is approaching lake berryessa. we can see a fire map from cal fire and they said that is where it is heading. that is also a great firebreak because it is the lake. we are still burning out here. we are in between highway 16 and 505. no structures have been lost. yesterday, they were worried about 30 structures being
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threatened and that number has increased to more than 100 structures being threatened because this fire has grown in size. >> they are also battling the pawnee fire fire, which is for their to -- which is farther to the north and is 75% contained. it burned through many acres. it affected people who lived in the double eagle subdivision. the evacuation center has been set up by lower lake high school. at least 22 buildings have been destroyed, including 12 schools. they say they should have the fire fully contained by thursday. yesterday came out in all the cars on the block had that ash on them in. that is affecting -- had the ash on them. >> we are seeing a transition but that north flow is not gone completely. the onshore breeze did make a comeback yesterday at the surface, but the higher up you go, the winds are coming to the
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north. you notice down here, 57 degrees, low humidity of 89% and then the wind is coming from the south. we have cool pacific noise -- a north east dry wind and relative humidity at 38%. if i shipped to where we have the other fire burning -- if i shipped -- if i shift to where the other fire is burning, we will see that for today. we are expecting some low 70s in these areas with relative humidity into the 50s. during the second part of the day, we are having another hot one, 84 degrees in these areas for the lunch hour. for the second part of the day, back into the 90s, even upper 90s with relative humidity into the 20s. we are seeing improvin
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weather. it is so hot and dry and we have the possibility of smoke in our area today but things are getting better. they will continue to get better with this in just a litt. mexico has a new presidents, andris manuel lspez obrador -- a new president named andris manuel lspez obrador. he wants to transform mexico, fight corruption, and govern for the poor. he received more than 53% of the vote, more than double the total of his closest rival. >> i will govern justly. i will not fail you. i will not disappoint you. i will not betray my people. >> president donald trump tweeted congratulations to the new president on becoming the next president of mexico. i look very much forward to working with him. there is much to be done that will benefit both the u.s. and
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mexico. investigators say the suspect in a terrorism plot in cleveland wanted to in start in san francisco on behalf of al qaeda. it was in a criminal complaint against the man accused of targeting cleveland's fourth of july celebrations. a reporter is still there. >> reporter: there was attack plan for downtown cleveland. they announced the arrest of demetrius. >> he suggested what would hit them in the gut? blowup, have a bomb at the fourth of dry -- blowup something, have a bomb at the fourth of july parade. >> over time, he expressed hatred for the military and a desire to dismember bodies. >> the case illustrates law enforcement cannot sit back and
9:18 am
wait for him to commit a violent act. >> reporter: they also say he made disturbing facebook post which included statements -- facebook posts which includedis knowing how to throw hand grenades, how to shoot guns, and hand-to-hand combat. >> yesterday, she -- he discussed getting road -- giving remote-controlled cards with shrapnel to children of our military. >> we will be out there day in and day out for our community. if you see something, definitely say something. >> reporter: he is accused of planning a future attack in philadelphia where he used to live. in washington, ray bogan, ktvu fox 2. >> we will hear from the warriors' draft choice. we have the reaction ofhe
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welcome back, lebron james has joined the la lakers and immediately their odds of winning the nba title went up. according to lost vegas, they -- according to las vegas, the warriors are still the favorite, but the lakers won up to seconds. the odds changed after la signed lebron to a four-year one $54 million contract. -- $154 million contract. >> the agent signed a one-year contract for the veterans minimums valerie. he spent the last two seasons with the warriors. he averaged about five points and three rebounds a game but he made big plays through the nba finals. on instagram, he
9:22 am
said thank you for two amazing years and two back-to-back championships. i will be grateful for the journey and memories. thank you to my brothers, teammates, for bringing me along on this historic run. >> they are trying to -- we are looking at a new rookie. >> we are joined by rake of evan -- jacob evans. the person have to ask you, jacob, you're up there at the podium holding up your jersey. this is for the first time. what does it feel like? >> it feels great. there was so much hard and dedication over the past years i have been playing. it has paid off. this is step one for me. i am here and ready to get to work. it has improved my game and developed over my career. >> jacob evans from the university of cincinnati.
9:23 am
>> there is a video that surfaced of you on draft night adding a phone call. take us through what went into that emotion, that response. >> my family, my close friends, they know i sacrificed a lot to have this opportunity. just like you did it. you are finally here. i am just excited to be here. i can join this great organization, one of the greatest teams ever. i am glad to be a part of that. >> i think that is why the warriors it took you. when you say -- you did not say i did it. he said we did it, talking about your mom, your brothers, your family, and what you went through. >> nobody does it by themselves. i take pride in making sure my loved ones and my support team, they get their credit. >> they have not even raised to the other banner. joining a team that is on top
9:24 am
right now and knowing what you can bring, that must be an incredible feeling for young man like yourself. >> of course, i hope i can make them better. if -- i can contribute to them every year. i finally have a chance. >> we have been joking -- he's come to work at. you worked out with the warriors -- he came to work out. you worked out with the warriors. what does he say to you? >> he congratulated me. he asked me are you ready to work? i said i am ready. >> when you think about joining them, what does that feel like? >> it feels great. really just knowing competing with those guys every day at practice,i can learn so much and develop my game and develop
9:25 am
my mind and help myself be a great nba player. >> asked you a question about an obstacle you had overcome and you mentioned the flooding in baton rouge. what was it about that period of time that really helped form who you are? >> we had to pack up stop and get up out of there. we were walking through the water. there is no one -- in a matter of moments, you had to cherish that. thank god he gave me the ability to play the game at this level. i want to give it my all. i don't take it for granted. >> he was saying all the right stuff.
9:26 am
you should be a good player. san francisco has become the first major city in california to increase its minimum wage up to $15 an hour. it took effect yesterday. it was approved by the voters back in 2014. the measure was a vision of the late mayor. today, berkeley set the -- set the same wage hike. >> you are paying a quarter more to cross the golden gate bridge. it is now eight dollars. if you have fast track, you will pay seven dollars and carpools will pay five dollars per vehicle. officials say the toll hike is aimed at bridging an almost $4 million budget deficit at the district. they also went up on gold -- golden gate transit. big news fo potter fans. to child will be coming to the bay area -- when the cursed child will come to the bay area stage. one issue might make
9:27 am
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a county fire is burning in napa county and it grew more acres. more than 44,000 acres have burned and the fire remains at 2% containment. it is burning north of lake berryessa and is threatening homes. they are also for -- battling the pawnee fire fire. they made progress overnight. it is now 75% contained. it burned more than 14,000 acres. cal fire said at least 22 buildings have been destroyed, including 12 homes. they expect to have the fire fully contained by thursday. other headlines, let's go to dave clark for them. >> here are the top stories. golden gate golf course will be closed today after an early morning fire inside the
9:30 am
clubhouse. more than 65 firefighters were called after 3 am. investigators have not said what started the fire but firefighters were able to get it under control within about an hour. we know the name of the 47- year-old woman who drowned yesterday at half moon bay trying to rescue children swept into the water. she was -- she was aarti senthilvel. she was taking family photos next to the water when the undertow swept three children into the waves.ever turn your back on the water. it is pretty dangerous. the water is extremely cold. you want to keep your eye on it because you never know when wil >> the victim's body was eventually swept back to shore but she could not be revived. as for the children, they were
9:31 am
safely rescued by other family members. no one else was hurt. one of the five people killed in last week's maryland newspaper shooting rampage will be remembered by family, friends, and coworkers at a memorial service at wildlife center. he was the assistant managing editor of the capital gazette newspaper in annapolis. he was called big rock. he had high standards and mentored young journalists. friends say he had a great sense of humor and the invitation to his memorial service tells people to wear shorts because rob would not want them to wear a suit. i will send it back to you a s versus wade decision that legalized abortion. president donald trump is focusing on 5 to 7 potential candidates to fill the vacancy
9:32 am
of retiring justice anthony kennedy. susan collins said to only support a judge who will show respect for settled law. >> you need someone who will not turn roe versus wade. it will not be accessible to me because that would indicate an act of an agenda i do not want to see a judge have. that is what indicates to me a failure to respect president of fundament -- precedent. they s that north korea is trying deceive the u.s. and hide its nuclear facilities. they say despite the reassurances that kim jong-un gave president donald trump at
9:33 am
the summit in singapore last month, there is no evidence that suggested north korea has been working to conceal key aspects of its nuclear program. newly revealed evidence is the existence of at least one uranium enrichment plant, where it makes material for nuclear bombs. seattle became the first major city to ban plastic drinking straws and utensils in the u.s. they will no longer be debated in restaurants, jellies, coffee shops, food trucks, cafeterias, and grocery stores. if customers need a straw, they'll be will remove the 5 million plastic straws it end up in the motion -- ocean every year. -- straws that end up in the ocean every year. should we follow suit in seattle -- in san francisco? someone says magenta cocktail
9:34 am
will have to suffer but yes. -- says my fancy cocktail will have to suffer, but i am okay with that. >> i wish i had a time-lapse video of all the landfill filling up. it feels fast. so much plastic. >> absolutely, no we do not buy them at home, but i make them take the plastic straws home when we go to a restaurant. i make them reuse them. >> i was at a restaurant and we had to ask for a straw. >> they will give it to you? >> yes. >> you can always chime in on our ktvu twitter page by using thktvu. now the weather, we know the fires are far away, but it does affect our bay area weather. it has been smoky and hazy. >> you mentioned even ash is falling over portions of the bay area. we will have the possibility of smoke coming our way and the
9:35 am
haze will be with us today. hopefully, it will not be as strong as the wind decreases. here is a two hour time-lapse of the cloud cover. we are seeing it the road. today, it will be mostly cloudy -- we are seeing in the road -- we are seeing it erode. today will be mostly cloudy. it is 62 degrees in walnut creek and the north bay is 61 degrees. we have not budged most of the morning with the cloud cover in place. this afternoon, temperatures will cool a little more, 60 degrees in pacifica, 64 in san francisco, a lot of areas -- inlet, our warmer locations are not expecting to hit 90 degrees. it is 84 in morgan hill. it is a big change from the
9:36 am
here is the extended forecast, temperatures continuing to cool on tuesday. fourth of july looks to be the coolest, in the lower 80s. if you are taking but the fireworks show, maybe berkeley, the east bay shore, you will likely have low crowds -- if you are going to the fireworks show, perhaps berkeley, the east bay shore, there will likely be low clouds. it is good for the firefight to the north of us. now to some incredible news. all 12 boys from the soccer team and their coach have been found alive after being trapped in a cave in thailand for more than a week. the boys are ages 11 to 16. they and their coach went exploring in cave in the northern part of the country after soccer practice. they got trapped inside when sudden heavy rain storms
9:37 am
flooded the cave. professional search teams from england, australia, the u.s., china, they all helped. people were keeping vigils outside the cave, hoping that they would be found safe. it is important to note the governor of the province says they are not out of the woods completely yet. the rescue operation itself is still ongoing. at this point, we do not know how the boys survived in terms of freshwater, perhaps food, but i expect those details to come up in the coming hours. the boys are safe, >> we wanted to pass that on to you as soon as we could. soccer was not the fairytale ending that mexico fans were hoping for. earlier this morning, brazil knocked out mexico 2-0. the next big match is belgian taking on japan at 11 am right here on ktvu.
9:38 am
>> parties are held for all the games right now. >> reporter: a lot of the spirited fans, they are still here, but you are still hopeful. you are happy that mexico made it as far as they did. >> yes, they did. this was a great game, but in spanish -- we will root for brazil. >> going forward, you will root for brazil? >> yes, it is a fair game, you know? it is a fair game, an awesome game. they did great. they did their best. mexico lost, but we know how to lose. >> that is the way to do it. it is a way to bring the world together. fancier, they are dejected, but -- fans here are detected -- dejected, but they are fine. there was a part of the
9:39 am
atmosphere inside the stadium, fans watching every minute of play and playing music. there were 5000 fans for the mexico games. today, they had between 5000 and 7000 fans for this game. the mexico fans vastly outnumbered their counterparts. the crowd here quieted down in response to those goals from brazil. fans are talking about how mexico made it this far and brazil will do. >> i feel like they will get smacked by belgium, but it could go either way. this game could have gone either way, so i am glad. coul they have a lot to work on. we will be there. sooner than later, we will be
9:40 am
there. >> reporter: asset, the world cup action is continuing on ktvu, belgium taking on japan a little later on this morning. then -- that fan is saying he thought belgium should be able to handle that squad out of japan. win or lose, they are the winners at the party here. the party is free. if you're looking for great place to come and watch some world cup soccer, you will not find a better place than right here, where you can sit and watch with thousands of fellow fans. the giants be the diamondbacks 9-6, completing a sweep of the diamondbacks. now they are 2 1/2 games out of first place. >> it is a fair ball. here it comes. it is down in time. >> they gave -- he gave them a
9:41 am
four-run lead. there was an insurance run in the ninth. the giants won 9-6. they play colorado tonight. they had a six game of winning streak go poop last night. -- go poof last night. >> he will score. >> there are your highlights. cleveland started chipping away, run after run. in the eighth inning, he gave up four runs and did not get a single out. the oakland a's lost 15 minus free. root beer float day, played against the familiar fac
9:42 am
serve of the floats for five dollars each. participants included players of sean minaya and chris davis. the proceeds benefit oakland a's community funds, which includes low -- promotes local education. >> we are excited to highlight the athletic abilities of children in segment we call that kid has game. here is this 18-year-old gabriel of brooklyn, new york. he has been playing basketball for under three years. for about a year, she has been participating in celebrity basketball games to spread awareness and raise money for st. judes children's research hospital. she is a her mother says schoolhow long will last with moves like that.
9:43 am
if you have a little one doing great things in your life, we love to showcase them here. you can send it to our facebook page or reach us on twitter. thank you for using our hashtag, ktvu and that kid has game. born and raised in the bay area, studebaker is had lighting -- headlining his own show. he will join us live.
9:44 am
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yeah, chocolate! chocolatey. crunch into chocolatey gr-r-r-reatness. they're gr-r-r-reat! incorporating music and the audience into a show, david studebaker has been named one of the best 10 comics to launch. >> this morning, he joins us live.
9:46 am
thank you for being here. >> thank you for having me. this is exciting. >> you are headlining in san francisco. i imagine you are excited. >> the punchline is my favorite place to do comedy. it is the perfect club. >> in what way? >> the way it is set up. you can have a good audience but small enough that it is very intimate and i can mess with people. it is a beautiful mural of san francisco, cool spot. >> the first time you went, you went as a patron? >> is not in there at 14 and i have been going there since i was way too young -- i snuck in there at 14 and i have been going there since i was way too young to go. >> that is part of your act. we go to your show, we might become part of it. >> i bring people on stage, i will sing songs about them, i am nice. i am not to mean. usually, it is fun. you may be a part of the show. -- i am not too mean. it is fun. you might be part of the show.
9:47 am
i feel like it sets me apart and it relaxes people, so when i am maybe making fun of someone, they may be more likely to be friendly, so i complement people into submission and then i want to give people good experience. i like to be an entertainer, so when they put down $20 for a cover charge, i want to make sure they are getting a good time. i am there to dance for them. i will do whatever i have to do. >> you mention you get your material by living your life and when something happens -- you write it down. >> you have to go through the process of doing it on stage and seeing if it translates it to the stage, but a lot of it comes from rando that happened to me and meeting you. do not be nervous. i am your fan. >> is it out to be funny all the time? -- is a topic to be funny all
9:48 am
the time? -- is a tough to be -- is it tough to be funny all the time? >> they wonder will you dance? >> i have to be funny today. >> you know, drink a lot of green tea and put on all that. >> it was a nice drive over there. i was in san francisco, no traffic on a monday. i was ready. 9 am -- 9 pm is not too bad. >> you grew up in the bay area and you live in la. do you bash la? >> i get booed a lot in la when i talk about the giants. i do a bit about the giants. i do not bash on san francisco. i talk a little bit about the nudity situation in public in san francisco, but aside from that, i am very nice to the bay. i protect the bay.
9:49 am
>> a comedian sees the world differently. what kind of weird things you -- stick out to you budget for cisco -- about san francisco? >> they don't realize their children that live there. you see things and you're like i am not even old enough to see this, but the one-way streets, the typical stuff, things that are ruining the skyline. that -- those are the main things. san francisco is just a hotbed of material. >> quickly, mentors, could you look up to? >> i love seinfeld. he has -- he was not a mentor. he does not know me but i do look up to him. kevin james, his data, especials early young, -- especially when i was young, his early stuff was essential. >> may be some kid watching this well look up to you.
9:50 am
>> listen, kid, stay in school. i have been doing this for 10 years. >> i hear you. check out his show we have all the information you need to buy tickets for tomorrow night. he is heading. you will find it on the head link -- you will find it on our website, >> this is an honor. this is fantastic. >> i will cherish that. please keep your shoes on!
9:51 am
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you can when -- you can win this mug. do not miss your chance to win. you can also look at our sister station. we would love it if you would take a picture of your mug and send it to us. we have a golden retriever puppy being called a hero after shaving his -- saving his owner from being hit by a ratt they were on a walk in the neighborhood near phoenix, arizona. she said something caught his eye and he bolted towards her leg. there was a rattlesnake right in front of him and instead of
9:54 am
biting her leg, the snake bit todd. >> he did save me. if you was not curious to see what was by my leg, i am sure that snake would have bit my leg. >> goodwin says todd is doing much better now and the swelling from that bite has gone down quite a bit. triple play is going back to bases as it tries -- to pull slay -- chipotle is going back to basics to win back customers. they will have a taco happy hour and customdrink between 2 pm and 5 pm. they will also work to improve in-store experience and its online and mobile ordering.
9:55 am
thousands of runners will compete in the annual separate s' marathon on july 29 but this year's race will be different than those in the past. organizers will not sit down at the golden gate bridge. you will have to run on the sidewalk. they can -- they used to be able to run and the northbound lanes, but security is tighter. -- run in the northbound lanes, but security is tighter. the magic of harry potter is coming to san francisco. the award-winning play harry potter and the cursed child will make its debut in the fall of next year. it is already running on broadway and in london. the play focuses on a grown up harry potter who -- it recently one -- won six tony awards. performance dates will be announced in the coming months. a musical has debuted in the theater in san francisco and the show is packed with musical talent.
9:56 am
it is based on the school of rock. the young cast members sing and play all of their own instruments. live on stage, for every performance. we spoke with some of them and said they like that -- in his book about what they liked about the bay area. >> i really like san francisco. it is a great city. i say people -- i see people -- >> it is really cool. >> the school of rock is playing in san francisco. it runs through july 22. all grown up. >> very impressive. >> singing, playing, acting, st they give for joining us. we hope you have a great monday, july 2. the july gloom should change as we head towards the great day. reworld
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